Villa Rosario Beach Resort

 Villa Rosario Beach Resort

What started as a family hideaway in the 70’s that entertained family and friends has turned out to be a family-run beach getaway where many call A HOME at the beach.

This paradise, secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a short and picturesque 45 minute car ride from Cebu city or 20 minutes From the airport. It's location keeps you away from all the other resorts making way for some much deserved peace, quiet and privacy.

The mahogany shaded driveway lined with soft colors of pink and white bougainvilleas whisks you off eastward to a breathtaking view of the islands surrounding Cebu. The warm clear waters and the cool wind whispers to picnic by the beach and sunbathe the afternoon away.

At home in our beach house experience the clandestine waters rich with exciting sea life, colors as striking as the first clown fish catches your eye or as the blue sky prompts you on how to spend your day. As the white sand gently massages your feet you take in nothing but your self.... leaving all behind you.

Come, visit our paradise. It’s good to be Home.


Ana Climaco
AMC Trading

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